Espresso Shot 2

Cappuccino 4.50
created with espresso, steamed milk and frothed milk.

Caffe Latte 4.75
Created with espresso and steamed milk

Caffe Mocha 4.95
Created with espresso, steamed milk , Ghirardelli sweet ground
topped with whipped cream

Caffe Americano 3.50
Espresso topped with water

Caffe Con Panna 2.95
Espresso topped with sweet whipped cream

Caffe Au Lait 3
House coffee topped with frothed milk

Chai Latte 4.75
Created with organic Chai tea latte mix and steamed milk    

Classic winter warmer

Hot Chocolate 3.50
Made to order with steamed milk topped
with whip cream and a drizzle of chocolate.

Chilled Drinks
Iced Chai Latte 4.50
Created with organic chai tea latte mix,
milk, served over ice

Iced Latte 4.50
Created with espresso, milk, served  over ice   

Chilled Mocha
20oz Double espresso shot, milk Ghirardelli Sweet ground
chocolate, blended or over ice, topped with whipped cream
drizzled with
Hershey syrup

Lemonade, Ice Tea, Milk, Juice (apple or orange)
Can soda(coke, dt coke, dr pepper, sprite) also available
All prices are subject to change with out Notice. All items may not be available at all locations at all times.
Oatmeal Shake
Try it Green
(with avocado and
Caramel Latte
Caramel Latte