Salads served with a side of grilled French bread

Chicken Caesar Salad 8.99
Romaine, chicken breast, Parmesan cheese, house croutons, and jalapenos
with Caesar dressing

Sweet Savory Salad 8.99
Mixed greens, chicken breast, toasted almonds, mandarin oranges,
with Sesame seed dressing.

Tuna Salad 8.39
Mixed green Italian dressing topped
with a scoop of tuna salad

Mediterranean Salad 8.99
Mixed green, cucumber tomato, red onion,
Feta, olives, with vinaigrette dressing

Pear & Pecan  Salad 8.99
Mixed greens, fresh pear slices, pecans, blue cheese crumb with Blue cheese

Cobb Salad 9.99
Romaine, chicken, boiled egg,
Blue cheese crumbs, tomato,
bacon, Ranch dressing, topped with avocado

Turkey Cobb Salad 9.99
Romaine, turkey, boiled egg, corn,tomato, bacon,
with lemon vinaigrette dressing , topped with avocado

Caesar Salad 7.99
Romaine, Parmesan cheese,
house croutons, with Caesar dressing

Side Caesar salad Salad 3.50
Romaine, Parmesan cheese, house croutons,
with Caesar dressing

Side Mixed Green Salad 3.50
Romaine, diced tomato, cucumber, house croutons with Italian dressing

Mixed fruit Salad 8.99
Mixed greens, seasonal fruit, sliced almonds
and feta cheese
with sesame dressing
a healthier alternative to your Lunch...
All items may not be available at all locations at all times.